James is an environmental activist lawyer, social entrepreneur, writer and Zen priest. As CEO of ClientEarth he runs the leading law group for the environment in Europe. The New Statesman named him “one of ten people who could change the world.”

James Thornton

James Thornton

He was called “a new kind of environmental hero” by BBC Radio 4, and Metropolitan Magazine dubbed him “La force tranquille.” In 2013 The Lawyer named him one of the top 100 lawyers practicing in the UK.

James’ first novel, Immediate Harm, was published in 2011. His new novel, Sphinx: The Second Coming, is published on May 15, 2014.

As a Zen priest, James is particularly interested in how spiritual practice can heal our relationship with the Earth. He is leading the first Green Order retreat at the Los Angeles Center in June 2014. Find out more…

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