James ThorntonTuesday, June 17 (eve) – Friday, June 20

Led by James Soshin Thornton

What distinctive contribution can Buddhism make to the global environmental crisis? Much discussion of the environment has a negative focus. People often feel disempowered, that there is little they can do. How do we create a positive vision of a future in which people can fulfil their potential in a healthy natural world?

In this three day retreat, we will combine sitting with council process to investigate deeply how the Buddhist path may help us face our future on the planet together. We will use a text, The Manifesto for a Green Order, written by the retreat leader, as a focus for our discussions.

The text uses the Four Noble Truths to analyze our environmental present. It then offers a set of 10 awareness practices that focus on our own life and conduct, and outlines a green vision of the Buddhist precepts. This retreat is the first time this text will be shared with a group, allowing participants to have real input into its evolution, and into the notion of what a Green Order could offer.

Practicing Members =$ 240                                                                        
Affiliate Members = $ 255
Corresponding = $ 270
Non-members = $ 375
Housing fee: $35 per night; Linen rental: $10;  RSVP confirmed with payment.  

Los Angeles Zen Center
For information or to register please contact: programsteward@zcla.org