Zen_CentreGreen Order Talks, Parts 1 and 2

20 and 22 June 2014: Two talks given by James Thornton at the Zen Center of Los Angeles.


Green Order Part 1: 


Green Order Part 2: 


UK government’s ‘culture of non-compliance’ with air quality laws while 29,000 Brits die a year

11 June 2014,  YouTube video:  James Thornton, founding CEO of Client Earth, Europe’s first public interest environmental law organisation, talks to Going Underground host Afshin Rattansi about pollution in the UK.

Thornton_YouTubePutting environmental issues at the forefront of the European agenda

20 April 2014, Arch Street Press: Managing Editor Robert Rimm hosts a dialogue with Ashoka Fellow James Thornton, Founder and CEO of ClientEarth, an organization of legal experts pushing environmental issues to the forefront of the European Union agenda through advocacy, policy research and civil litigation. Listen to the podcast.



iaiInstitute of Art and Ideas: How to Change the World

7 March 2013:  James Thornton talks about social justice, environment and political economy with Brian Eno.  Brian Eno and James Thornton envisage a powerful story – one rooted in history, biology and international law – to begin a new renaissance for the world and how we live in it. Watch the video.



James Thornton and Brian Eno discuss ClientEarth on BBC Arena

An excerpt from an Arena special on Brian Eno featuring James Thornton. Eno gave Arena unprecedented access to observe him working in his studio and talking with friends and colleagues. Here he and James discuss the role of the law in protecting our planet.

James Thornton talks about Resilience Theory

James was asked to present to young environmental campaigners from across the UK about Resilience Theory. He also introduces a project conceived jointly by ClientEarth and ZSL (London Zoo): The Declaration of Young People’s Rights to a Healthy Planet.

Thornton_CEOInternational Bar Association: James Thornton, CEO of ClientEarth, on environment and the law

The Environmental Protection Agency is the body responsible for regulating the USA’s greenhouse gas emissions. Its efforts were being challenged in court by the misleadingly named Coalition for Responsible Regulation. James was invited to speak with the International Bar Association about our ‘friend of the court’ role in defending the EPA’s position. “James Thornton discusses the US case Environmental Protection Agency v the Coalition for Responsible Regulation on regulating greenhouse gases; challenges for public interest lawyers in the Green movement; fracking/shale gas v coal power stations; Rio +20 and more.” Watch to the interview on the IBA site, with Polly Botsford.

BBCCosting the Earth, BBC Radio 4: Can Lawyers Save the World? Tom Heap

Are lawyers the new breed of superhero striving to save the world? James discusses ClientEArth’s early successes with BBC Radio 4, in an interview that is part of a dedicated 30-minute programme. “Climate change has already claimed its first victims. Displaced people from the Carteret Islands, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya and the Niger delta have already become climate refugees but from whom can they seek refuge or even compensation? Environmental Justice Foundation is calling for legally binding agreements to protect those displaced and there are various legal cases in action that could set a precedent for compensation.” Read more…    Listen to the radio broadcast online.

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