How to Make Simple Halloween Slime in Just 6 Steps

Sorry, moms. The slime craze is sticking around—and not just because there’s glue in it! So you may as well tell yourself it’s a STEM activity that teaches science while sparking creativity, then gather up the supplies for some slime-time fun with the crew. This easy slime recipe from Creative Kids in Scotch Plains, NJ is foolproof and doesn’t contain potentially harmful ingredients (ahem, Borax). Plus, the green glitter paint and googly eyes make it perfect for Halloween.



  1. SQUEEZE 5 oz glue into bowl.
  2. ADD 1 Tbsp baking soda.
  3. ADD glitter paint, starting with a small amount until you reach desired color.
  4. STIR until combined, then MIX in 3 Tbsp of saline solution.
  5. ROLL slime in hands until it no longer sticks— this can take 5 full minutes. HINT: If it is still too sticky, add saline solution.
  6. ADD eyes and you are good to goo!

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